Bitcoin Smart Contract are going to be Easier with the New Coding Language

August 14, 2020

Bitcoin smart contracts are tricky tame that allows the users to set some additional rules for their bitcoin, requiring these rules to be met before the funds are unlocked. Although, a new language is making them easier to write. A bitcoin developer, Nadav Ivgi, who developed Minsc is a new programming language that helps the […]

BitMex to make Mandatory ID Verification for all the Cryptocurrency Traders

BitMEX is one of the most controversial and oldest crypto derivative exchanges announced mandatory ID verification for all its users. According to BitMEX’s homepage, the registration process takes less than 30seconds where users outside of restricted jurisdictions are asked to enter only an email address, password, and country of residence.  According to Ben Radclyffe, commercial […]

China is going to try its hands on major Digital Currency Trails soon

The nation’s Ministry of Commerce said before today that the computerized cash – named DC/EP, for advanced money/electric installment – would be tested in significant urban communities over the most evolved areas. These incorporate Hebei territory, the Yangtze waterway delta, Guangdong area and the urban communities of Beijing, Tianjin, Hong Kong and Macau. The service […]

Bitcoin & Gold Reaches an all-time High of monthly average correlation of 70%

August 13, 2020

According to Data Analytics firm Skew, the values of Gold and Bitcoin reached a monthly mean of correlation of 70% that is certainly an all-time-high value. In the second quarter of 2020, an earlier peak was below 60%. The rising correlation shows the belief that cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin is a potentially efficient store of value, […]

Off-Chain Capital is Amending the Bitcoin Investment

When users views Cryptocurrency investment and trading from a traditional investing lens, BTC seems a risky trade. Since the digital technology of cryptocurrencies is still new to most of the people in the world, the value is notoriously volatile and it is extremely for investors advising newcomers not to invest more than they can afford […]

New Miners attracted toward Bitcoins in Pandemic

Retail financial specialists are divided into equal parts by age over their preferred elective resources, as indicated by a note from JPMorgan this week. More seasoned financial specialists are more disposed towards gold, while recent college grads are running to bitcoin, experts from the bank said. “The two companions show disparity in their inclination for […]

MicroStrategy calls Crypto “Superior” to Cash, Buys $250 Million in Bitcoin

August 12, 2020

Business Intelligence publicly traded firm MicroStrategy buys 21,454 bitcoin this Tuesday, putting effectively all of its $259 million of its planned inflation-hedging amount into the digital currency. Opening its cryptocurrency buy with an equivalent stock buyback this week, on Tuesday Securities & Exchange Commission filing, a Nasdaq-listed software firm, MicroStrategy, of $1.2 billion, said the […]

Will the Russian Covid-19 Vaccine effect Gold and Crypto Value?

Following a crash in both gold and bitcoin (BTC) prices yesterday that sent the much-discussed gold-to-bitcoin correlation even higher, the discussion is now on about what caused the sell-off, and whether a Russian COVID-19 vaccine could potentially be hurting the price of both assets. At the time of writing (09:39 UTC), bitcoin was still down by 2.6% […]

Venezuela to collect taxes on Crypto

Venezuelan civic chairmen consented to join the administration’s arrangement to extend the selection of Petro in spite of certain districts not having the innovation to deal with it. The Bolivarian Council of Mayors in Venezuela marked the supposed “National Tax Harmonization Agreement” for 305 regions in the nation, including the Petro (PTR) as a way […]

Seongnam, major satellite city turns to Blockchain-powered Pay

August 11, 2020

South Korean’s Silicon Valley, Seongnam, major satellite city, near the capital Seoul, is all set to expand its blockchain-powered payment program with a digital certificate issuance project. The new point will use an app “Chak” and will be developed by KOMSCO or Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation, which is the scores operator of local […]